lightcraft harbours the hopes and dreams of five men from Jakarta, Indonesia – the embodiment of their pluckiness and determination. Uniquely narrating the energy and spirit of humanity, their trademark arena-ready indie rock/dream pop music feature a heightened sense of melodrama that can be heard from their lyrics and felt from each and every sound that they produce; all combining to become a united symbol of diversity represented by the five different individuals that make up lightcraft as a solid and resilient entity. Simple humanist themes such as the emotional bond of friendship, life-changing moments and global phenomena such as worldwide immigration are candidly described throughout their music – an achievement unto itself accomplished through inspiring sheer dedication.

Currently based in Jakarta, lightcraft have a number of releases under their belt, with the latest being their EP “Another Life” that was released in November 2016. They have performed their epic indie-rock sound in festivals and on stages across the globe in their attempts to spread their light of hope, including in their home country Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Canada, the USA, Russia, and the UK, encompassing prestigious festivals such as We The Fest, Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada, Saarang, Music Matters Live, Zandari Festa, Baybeats Music Festival, Taichung International Cuisines Festival, Liverpool Sound City, V-Rox, and SXSW, among others.

At the moment, lightcraft are preparing new material for their third album. It is scheduled for release in early 2018. Keep dreaming of the bees and the butterflies.